You may benefit from career coaching if you are:

A high school student choosing a college major or entering the workforce

In college stuck in a major that isn't a good fit

Exploring what you want out of an internship or your first job

Seeking interview coaching

Initial sessions will include:

Personalized sessions that will inspire insight, action, and growth

An introduction to career coaching

Goal-setting to help you find what is authentically right for you 

Assessments to identify your character strengths, interests, and unique personality traits

Insightful questions to help you explore career fields that align with your strengths, values and interests

Brainstorming ways to prototype, or test, your top career path choices

Your Takeaways:

A short list of fields of interest or careers that should excite you!

Possible career paths linked to your strengths, interests, values and personality traits

A list of actions to help you research your career matches

Awareness of any saboteurs or limiting beliefs that could block your growth

"Interest Inventory", "Clifton Strength", or other assessments that will be invaluable resources to draw on for the rest of your life

Strategies for networking, optimizing your resume, interviewing, and much more!


Pay as you go coaching sessions.
$175 per hour