My story

I have been a lifelong career-explorer.

When I first started working, I chose a practical career where I could make a good living. My choices didn't account for my values or prioritize an environment where I could thrive. As I look back, it is not surprising that I didn't feel rewarded by the work. For many years, I searched for the right career fit and did a lot of soul searching. I discovered the career that eluded me needed to be based on my values. So I chose to become a career coach because I truly enjoy connecting with people and exploring what makes them tick. 

The work we do together allows my clients to puzzle things out, explore their interests and values, choose a career path, or network to their next job. I greatly enjoy working with people to help them figure out their authentic path forward, in their career and in life

Becky Bewtra

I live with my husband and three kids in Yardley, PA. I provide coaching in a one-on-one setting, through interactive career development and life skills classes, and supporting Villanova Alumni Career services. When I'm not working, I enjoy reading, exercising, traveling, and spending time with my family. 

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Design Your Career

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