I could not recommend Rebecca more if you are looking into a career coach. She is approachable, an excellent listener, and creative in thinking of next steps. I really enjoyed how she structured our sessions because it enabled me to reflect on what I want to do after university and inspired me to look into new opportunities, rather than stressing me out about the future. She even went out of her way for me by asking a connection she has in my field for insight and answers to my questions. After going into my first session with Rebecca unsure about my postgraduate options, I left our final session with a concrete plan that I was excited about. I am so grateful to have worked with her! 

Natalie G.

Design Your Career was an enlightening experience that helped me develop a better understanding of my future. Mrs. Bewtra assisted me in narrowing my list of possibilities as we worked together to find a path that suited me best. Very down to earth and knowledgeable in all the questions I had, I found Mrs. Bewtra easy to talk to and a wonderful woman to help me through my journey. If you’re looking for someone to help you on your career path and get you into a field best suited for you, I fully recommend Design Your Career.

Emily B.

Mrs. Bewtra did a great job pinpointing potential fields of interest for me. She did a fantastic job listening to my thoughts and ideas, and provided some great career ideas that would utilize my strengths and be of interest to me. Loved working with her!

Alevia D.

I had an amazing coaching session with Rebecca, She challenged me to reevaluate my needs, wants and goals while offering me tips and helping me map out a path to achieving my goals. After receiving the notes from our session I feel confident that I'm on the right path to successfully meeting my goals. I can't wait to connect with her and share my updates.

Kevin S.

Rebecca was extremely helpful when I was navigating my way through understanding where I wanted to go with my career, what my options are, and most importantly what I value. I admire her approach in detangling and translating aspirations, circumstances, opportunities, and personal interests into viable career options. She was objective, yet helped me change my perspective on how to approach and decide when faced with different opportunities. After considering multiple options for a long time, with her help I was able to narrow them down significantly and achieve a sense of clarity and focus.

Sharika  K.

Both of my teens have doubts about their professional aspirations, each for different reasons. Becky worked with them one-on-one using a customized process to help each identify different options. She not only helped open their eyes to work possibilities they hadn’t considered, but also gave them the space and to explore their hopes and dreams, ultimately helping them to create a framework for the next few years. My husband and I knew the parent-free space allowed them to investigate career options with just the right amount of guidance, which gave us such relief. Both of our kids appreciated how well Becky listened and enjoyed the assessments they did with her. Crucially, Becky’s method equipped them with an approach and a process that they'll be able to return to throughout the professional transitions in their lives. I highly recommend Design Your Career to any teenager or young adult who’s unsure about their first, or next, career moves; Becky not only has the right skills, but also the intuition, to effectively help young adults to craft their first steps into their careers.

Heather D.

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